Federal Cabinet Holds Digital Meeting For the First Time

As digitization spreads around the world, we must take it on board to cope with the contemporary world. In this respect, the federal cabinet arranged a digital reunion for the first time in the history of the country and participants participated in it via tablets. In a tweet, it was posted by the Prime Minister's Office and called it a major step towards automated cabinet process automation.

The NITB, along with the relentless effort of cabinet secretary Ahmed Nawaz Sukhera, has played a central role in the production. The conference was completely "paperless" for the first time in the history of the world. The cabinet session covered, apart from COVID-19, the country's general political and economic condition.

In a previous session, PM Imran Khan also listed attempts to qualify the enormous youth population. He said that youth work is being carried out and about 50,000 scholarships for higher education will be available. The Prime Minister has said that the private sector provides opportunities and allows people to start their own businesses around the world.

The Prime Minister also said that if the young people had realistic business plans, they would get loans on the basis of merit. By starting their own business, the young generation can serve the world. In addition, the government helps young people to secure jobs so that they can contribute to economic improvement.