Fitbit to add snore detection to its devices

Fitbit might soon add snore sensing on its devices, which would undoubtedly satisfy pairs snoring because snoring indicates a health concern.

In recent years, our wearables become much better, and many of them now feature health-related functions such as sleep tracking. References to an upcoming feature that might detect snoring and other noises have been identified according to the APK teardown.

"This is done by microphone the device, and Fitbit claims to be looking for the detection of snore. If our algorithm detects a laugher event than the basic noise level, it is used to calculate whether or not it is snoring. This feature cannot snore if your room's noise level is louder than snoring," says Fitbit official.

Of course, the tracker cannot determine if the Fitbit user or anybody else snores in the room. In the case of white sound or other ambient sounds in the bedroom, users should not utilise the release notes as they could interfere with snoring detection and should charge Fitbit to at least 40% before going to bed since "this functionality needs to be more often charged.

Snore detection is not available to all users at this time and, although Google could put it up and test, it could not have properly tested it. Fitbit did not respond to a comment request immediately.

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