'Flying cat' goes missing after jumping out of the 5th floor of building

A Twitter video of a Black Cat jumping from the 5th floor of a bubbling Chicago building was posted by Chicago Fire Department.

This showed that the cat looks at the broken window carefully, where smoke is blowing out. Then, the feline sprung and landed in the grass.

However, after the owner said that the cat didn't go out, the famed feline, "Flying Cat," called the Hennessy, has never come home.

Chicago's chief of the Fire Department who caught the Hennessy hop said the neighbors were searching for the cat about 65th, and Lowe. When the team tried to douse the flames, the director had his camera with him.

The crowd screamed as the cat came up and sprang out of the smoke plumes. Later, as the flying cat landed healthy on the lawn, they breathing a soul of relief.

The officials of the fire department responded to the fire call in the kitchen, and in less than 15 minutes they were able to fire. They wanted to get to the cat too, but the manager said that it went into the flames.

Since the video was posted on Twitter's fire service, it became viral and had 5.6K people tweeted 1 million times.

The neighbors even allow the families to locate Hennessy, the flying cat.

The Chicago Fire Department has stated that they will retain all cat updates and post more details as they find it.