Former Fast Bowler Junaid Khan Points Out The Favoritism in National Team

Junaid Khan, the left-arm pacer, believes that most of the players on the domestic side are uncertain about their position in the national team, which is why they try selfishly to keep their place in the team.

He said that favoritism is very common at the national level, so players near the captain or the coach have a good chance of showing in the international arena.

Since May 2019, a 31-year-old fast bowler was discarded, a daily national factor in the early 2010s, but after a series of impressive performances and the development of young talent on the domestic circuit, he lost his domestic place. Junaid was once again considered on the national side despite winning at the domestic and international circuit.

"When the coaches and captain are in a good relationship, then you get more chances. The city to which you belong also depends. If you're part of a major city, people lift your voice," said Junaid.

"In all three formats, I used to belong to the national team. I've been asking for rest, but I haven't been given rest. There came a time when I got into the wrong books and was ignored because of love and misfortunes. I did, but it did not give me a great chance," he said.

But Junaid is always hoping that the national team will come back, but he feels it is difficult for the selectors to ignore him if he can play well at the domestic level. He showed that at the moment he works to improve his fitness and to improve his bowler skills.

Since his debut in 2011, Junaid has taken up 196 scalps in international cricket and is looking forward to claiming even more, with 22 tests, 76 ODI, and 9 T20Is.

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