Full Size Image Previews Are Coming To Twitter

You no longer have to display the videos cropped on Twitter as the company releases a new update, which encourages users to view photos entirely on their schedule on both Android and iOS.

Although this upgrade is tiny, the way users will post and tweet pictures have changed considerably. However, the firm was used to convert the 16:9 ratio of all images into the ratio of its choosing before that. This seemed a little less of a problem at the time before a debate began over how the Twitter algorithm immediately created a picture of a person of different colors, leading to the fact that Twitter concentrated mainly on whites instead of blacks. This added to some public hatred of the social media site.

This probably prompted the organization to ultimately track the issue by updating it. This update is close to what WhatsApp did a couple of days earlier for its messaging platform.

The crop test started in March and involved users who tested this former beta feature with a 4K image upload.

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