Google allows users to use their Web and activity pages and use password protection

Google also introduced a way to secure passwords on web and activity web pages following a new update. These pages show all your Google services operations, including your searches, your YouTube watch history, and your questions for Google Assistants. Any party accessing the device on which you are logged in may see this operation without password protection.

You should visit to allow the authentication and press the Verification Manage My Activity key. Users can click on the Additional Verification Require choice from my Activitymenu and then input your Google password in order to confirm that the original user is making the changes.

On the other side, will display your activity from around your devices, while verification is switched off, without asking for a password.

On the contrary, anyone who wants to view your Activity Page will have to click on the Check button and enter the Google Password before it shows any history if your check is activated. This may be a very useful tool for all individuals who share a PC or allow someone to use their phone.

When you use the web and app activity tab, you can even check whether or not Google saves activity. And you can change them from the Setting menu if you do not meet the latest settings on the activity page.

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