Google Launched Its First All-Electric Street View Car With Jaguar

Google and Jaguar Land Rover said that they had partnered up with equipment that could capture Street View images to develop a full-electric SUV for I-Pace.

More general information for Google maps is also collected by the I-Pace and comprises Aclima's air quality sensors. Due to detecting fine particles, nitric oxide, and carbon dioxide emissions, I-Pace will collect street-by-street air quality data in Dublin. The Dublin City Council would then improve Google Maps with all of this data.

In regard to the project, according to a Google spokesman:

"We are always looking for methods to improve our vehicle fleet, and in the future, our EV fleet might rise, but we do not have any updates to discuss this."

The I-Pace costs $70,000 and receives a total fee of around 246 miles, as a result of a recent modification in the system.