Google Photos Added to New Memories and Protected Locked Folder

Google revealed updates for its services, including Google Photos, on the first day of the Google I/O developer conference. The recent update to Google Photos adds new memory and a secure secured folder to increase your privacy.

The Software comes with a new room to store sensitive images separately, which is passwords. The feature works like most lock folder software and is not available to anyone in any app that you store there. Locked Folder will be first available on Pixel phones and will be available all year round on more Android smartphones. You can save photos and videos on Pixels straight from the camera app to your Locked folder.

The second new update feature is Memories. , Google Photos will take photographs from previous years, recent highlights, times of people you're loving. But sometimes something will appear that you want to be forgotten, so that controls can be found later this summer to hide photos of such people or time periods.

The software now gives you more memory controls. From today on, a travel highlight may be renamed or removed. When updated, one photo from a Memory can be removed, the Best of Month Memories can be removed, and moments celebrated can be used to rename or delete memories.

Google Photos will show small trends in a collection of three or more photos that share items, such as shape and color, starting later this summer. They can be included in Memories, and machine learning is not surprisingly included.

You'll also see later this year new kinds of memories, whatever those times are: lunar new year, Hanukkah, eid, or something else.

There are Memories, along with Best of Month Memories and trip highlights, which will come up as you scroll through the grid.