Google Rumored To Give Android 12 A Major UI Change

With the yearly Google I/O conference coming up real soon, a huge leak has already occurred on Android 12, where Jon Prosser says the internal root of the Android UI will update it with some new privacy features.

In a recent video from Front Page Tech, this is listed where a great modern user interface experience, greater security, and fast convergence with various devices were among the key points of interest. This was mentioned.

The new design has some new toggles, buttons, and animations which therefore provide a more future-oriented environment. The new Android look will be parallel to the icons, the keyboard, and other features.

However, there was no leak about what should be done from Google on security fixes, so it would seem that Google is trying to make the system work more together with other devices.

In the upcoming Google I/O conference, more of these updates are expected.