Government Names Pakistan Post as Amazon’s Delivery Partner

The Pakistan Post government recently proposed the list of Amazon's distribution partners for packing products in the world for the Pakistan Post. The Amazon seller's list is scheduled to be joined by Pakistan within one week. This is not only positive news to business people but to freelancers who are excited that Pakistan has been added to its seller's list by Amazon.

It would then focus entirely on Pakistani sellers to stimulate a positive image on the market and Amazon. The main thing that can be done by vendors, however, is not to sacrifice the product quality. Ayesha Humaira, joint secretary of trade, also said it. She said Pakistani vendors ought to supply better products because the products supplied can be reimbursed in the event of any complaint. According to her,

The Amazon vendor account will be blocked for the ones that do not guarantee the accuracy of their products.

Previously, Razak Dawood declared the Prime Minister's Trade Adviser that Amazon will shortly add Pakistan to the list of sellers. It would also open up new avenues for individuals and small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Si Global CEO Noman Ahmed said, "The inventory consists of approximately 12 million products,"

Amazon has 45 percent of its stake in the United States e-commerce industry, which can be explored in a free competitive environment. For Pakistani manufacturers, it is also a massive incentive.

When Amazon arrives in Pakistan, the country will have more job opportunities, with companies benefiting from it, which is a positive development for us and we have to take advantage of this great opportunity.