Hackers Can Record Your Calls Thanks To Critical Flaw

A recent study from the Check Point Research security company reveals that Qualcomm chips will threaten your devices seriously. The mobile station modem (MSM) of Qualcomm, which dates back to the early 1990s, can be used easily by hackers.

Qualcomm MSM is currently widely used in 2G, 3G, and 4 G smartphones, and also in some 5G devices. The hackers can take full advantage of this flaw as easily as delivering Text messages.

Once you use this feat, attackers can hear your phone calls, read all your text messages, and even unlock your SIM card to circumvent carriers' restrictions. The study adds that about 30% of worldwide mobile phones use Qualcomm chipsets and are also possible exploit targets.

The only solution is to update your devices with the new security patches.

Qualcomm has already issued a security fix for an MSM exploit in December 2020, according to a paper separate from Tom's Guide. This is because before the study was released, the chip manufacturer was advised of the flaw.

According to some reports, Google will also plan with the exploit in its June security patch.

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