HBL and Katalyst Labs partner for Business Growth and Women Leadership Enablement

In order to allow start-up acceleration and leadership, HBL and Katalyst Labs have entered into a Strategic Collaboration Agreement. The entrepreneurial environment of the country will be further improved.

HBL shapes the future by shifting the model into a "bank licensed technology firm." The Bank strives to develop relationships with ecosystems and to provide clients with scalable solutions. The ultimate aim continues to be a client-centered bank, which can quickly pivot as opportunities arise through mobile data first, inclusive and agile organization.

Katalyst Labs, which was founded by Jehan Ara with her team has played a key part in developing Pakistan's entrepreneurship environment, is a technological accelerator and innovation hub.

As part of the agreement, Katalyst Labs will build and provide a cohort-based awarding platform that will provide instruction, development, and development to women entrepreneurs, professionals, and upcoming leaders in the world.

The accelerator program, with a particular emphasis on Fintech, Food & Agri Tech, mCommerce, ÉdTech, HealthTech, and other vertical products, will also be launched to facilitate the cooperation between start-ups and companies for knowledge sharing and business discovery.

"We are very happy to work with Katalyst Labs in commenting on the relationship," says Ali Habib, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, HBL. The initiatives will help HBL to create and sustain a group of creators of start-ups, technology developers, and design specialists with a particular emphasis on women entrepreneurs. Interaction and exchange of information inside and beyond the best talent can fuel creativity.

Commenting on the partnership, Jehan Ara, founding & chief executive officer of Katalyst Labs says, "We look at partners to help us realise our mission as ecosystem builders like ourselves to empower and allow dreamers and innovators to win over the world through technology. And we never had to look too hard, because HBL was always the first to realize and have complete support for what we are trying to do. This partnership with Katalyst Labs demonstrates this relentless and constant support as well."