HEDP has reviewed new technology initiatives to improve online learning quality

Latest news reports have revised new technology programs aimed at improving the level of online learning through the Higher Education Development in Pakistan, a steering committee within the Higher Education Commission. It also included the introduction of the state-of-the-art learning management system and access to online learning in distant areas of Pakistan.

HEDP is a five-year HEC initiative that expands the higher education goals of the Commission. The project's key goal is to ensure research quality and to take policy measures to boost education and the respective economy.

Initiated by the third steering committee meeting held at the Higher Education Commission headquarters, the HEDP evaluation process was conducted. The Committee was comprised of senior government leaders from federal and regional higher learning departments who tried, during these unprecedented times, to debate potential solutions to strengthen the education sector.

The HEC is now focused on the restructuring of the education sector with the use of the new technology because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Miss Maryam Riaz, the Project Coordinator at HEC, is supervising this restructuring.

This restructuring would include the application blockchain which will make it easier for students to verify their degree and thereby save time and resources. Moreover, the false degrees concerns would be eliminated by this process.

In addition, the newest company resource planning system will be implemented and would increase the performance of a HEK system, which would incorporate robotic process automation and artificial intelligence.

All of this will be connected to a powerful business intelligence network that would include reports and recommendations and that would allow the Commission to make potential decisions based on these insights.