Here's how you can see Super Flower Blood Moon Eclipse Soon

In recent news, Wednesday will thus be experiencing a total eclipse of the full moon of this month called "Flower Moon" which will have the first total lunar eclipse after two years. The full moon passes into the shadow of the Earth during the eclipse and gives it a "Blood Moon," as light stretched through the atmosphere. Therefore, the Super Flower Blood Moon as a result is known as that particular moon.

This is because of the fact that the moon appears 7% larger than average and 15% brighter at the closest point to Earth during orbing. In North America, Alaska, Hawaii, Argentina, Australia, and New Zealand this eclipse takes place in the early morning hours. The finest view of the eclipse will still come from Alaska and Hawaii according to experts.

If you want to check the eclipse, observers will webcast the eclipse as there may be areas that do not get a good view of the eclipse or cloud vision. Live views at 1:45 AM PT will come from the Griffith Observatory at Los Angeles (which is 1:45 PM in Pakistan Time Zone). In addition, at 2:30 a.m. PT (2:30 p.m. PKT) the Arizona Lowell Observatory is broadcasting the eclipse. At 7:00 PM ACST, the Society of South Australia is broadcasting live on Facebook and YouTube (4:00 AM in PKT).

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