Honor Is Bringing Changes To Its Upcoming Phones

Honor aims to completely refurbish its line-up with new smartphones after Huawei has sold its subsidiary Honor in November 2020. This was reported first by a Twitter user who was known to give spoilers who use the @RODENT950 or Teme username.

As the previous user indicates, Honor has two magic cell phones, Honor Magic 3 and a foldable magic cell, which will start as the Magic X, planned for this year.

In addition, the Honor Numerical Digital series is said to be the next premium intermediate phone, while the Honor X remains a medium phone. Honor will also focus on low-level or entry-level smartphones, as well as the main part of the play series. However, the high-end specifications are expected to be risked, but not too much.

With much to Honor's table, the company is expected to focus on what the consumers need, which is a major plus for Honor.