Huawei Vehicle Patents Introduce Automatic Parking Technology

The Huawei car has recently filed invention for the automated system and device for parking interaction. The patent notes that the digital system of automated parking for intelligent cars is applied. The experience is designed to increase user interactivity and parking convenience.

The onboard interface shows the virtual top of the parking lot on the center panel and then moves the car to each of the virtual parking areas with its touch-based power. The car will be driven to the location of the user is satisfied.

Huawei Vehicle Patents Introduce Automatic Parking Technology

This patent focuses on the smart experience in interaction of an automated car park infrastructure, thereby making the use of the modern functions simpler for consumers. The immersive reality enables you to sew, perceive and design track modules from the top view. The patent application focuses on the navigation technique, computer, system and is linked to the smart driving technology area.

The system of navigation operates by searching images obtained from different cameras and locating target vehicles. The pictures are returned to the smartphone of the owner.

Since Huawei has had mobile business challenges, it is worth noting that the group has stepped forward by focusing attention on technology from future generations, electric cars, and connectivity. Huawei sees the future as optimistic and definitely exciting.

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