IBCC Promote students without examination for the 9th and 1st year

The Committee of Presidents (IBCC) considers the advancement, without exams, of students in the 9th and first grades.

The issue has been addressed at the IBCC Steering Committee's online meeting on Tuesday. Dr. Nazim Jiva, President of the Board of Directors and Chairman of the Steering Committee, chaired the conference.

IBCC Secretary Dr. Ghulam Ali Mallah, Karachi Intermediate Board chairman, Sargodha Education Board chairman, Dr. Saeeduddin, Kohat Board chairman Dr. Kausar Raees, Dr. Saukat Hayat, and Federal Board chairman Dr. Qaiser Alam participated.

The meeting also addressed shorter examination periods by carrying out only voluntary examinations rather than mandatory examinations. However, it was seen that the category of science could take optional exams since there are fewer optional examinations, but in the category of art they are complicated because there are more optional subjects. The proposal was then formulated to take class X and XII exams and encourage students from the ninth and the 11th grade without exams.

In the event that an agreement is reached with IBCC on the initiative, it is said that the matter will be forwarded for final agreement before implementation to the Inter-Provincial Ministers of Education Conference.

The IBCC met in the wake of the decision by the Provincial Steering Board, in which the breakdown would have been 50 percent objective, 30 percent short and 20 percent long questions, Sindh concluded its preparations for the exams.