India is Banning Facebook and Twitter

The Indian Government proposed earlier in that year drastically new guidelines and an ethics code for OTT streaming services in respect to social media firms. In order to proactively track information and fear of legal liabilities or actions leading to over censorship of contents, the new rules lay down tighter and broader responsibilities for intermediaries.

There was three months' compliance on social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and the deadline will expire tomorrow.

The country's top government officials have revealed that the sites have to adhere, and have refused to comply with several accounts, with the regulations notified by the Gazette of India on 25 February under the 2021 Intermediary Guidelines and the Digital Media Ethics Code.

The source said that

If the company fails to comply with the regulations, it will forfeit its status and safeguards as intermediaries and become liable for criminal prosecution in accordance with the existing Indian law.

Until now, Koo has not named a resident grievance official with the exception of the Indian social media firm. Localists have continued to worry against technology companies because of unfair revocation of accounts and silence on-site misuse and prejudice.

To date, none of the sites have demonstrated a desire to respect the domestic laws of India, and the government is preparing to take dramatic action on them after tomorrow.