Indian YouTuber arrested for trying to make dog fly with helium balloons

After attaching its pet-dog to many helium gas balls in an effort to make him "fly," a YouTuber Indian has been arrested.

After his beloved dog 'Dollar' had been placed on helium balloons in Delhi, Guarav, with four million followers, was detained.

Footage shows the flight into the air of the Pomeranian mix, which shortly smashes with a balcony where a person takes the animal and pulls him safe.

Gaurav, 31, is slightly grieved and is observed at the expense of the dog laughing.

He was detained under the Animal Cruelty Act of 188, 269 and 34, and his acts on May 21 caused widespread outrage.

Following the terrible images people for animals, one of India's major animal protection organizations, voiced concerns.

Atul Thakur, South Delhi's Deputy Police Commissioner (DCP), stated that Gaurav was apprehended for making a video at the risk of an animal's life.

Gaurav excused and stated that before launching beloved puppy into the air, he took all the preventive procedures.

'I recognise my error, but I took all of the security procedures before I flew the video myself,' he added.

'As my child I adore my pet. It was the incorrect stuff that went."