Instagram and Facebook Are Actively Suppressing #SavePalestine Posts

Palestine is again being attacked by Israel. The heavy bombing in Gaza Strip resulted in over 180 casualties including 55 children.

The situation was agitated when Israel's troops raided the Al Aqsa Mosque during Ramadan's Holy Month. Hundreds of unarmed people were injured, including worshippers, bystanders, journalists, and others.

Consequently, people from Palestine protested the violence in the streets, only to be largely destroyed by the coast.

Thousands of people have taken the Internet to speak about Palestine's violence, but all such content on the sites continues to be blocked on Facebook and Instagram. These social media giants remove #SavePalestine messages to stop users from promoting them and challenging Israel's leadership.

Another Instagram user has reported that #SavePalestine hashtags do not get half the views of their posts. Instagram also does not allow them to promote stories with this hashtag.

Many people then decided to blame Instagram's Israeli founders, Adam Mosseri, who is now the head of Instagram. The Jewish American Facebook creator, Mark Zuckerberg, is also censored for content.

One former staff member from Facebook and Instagram, who acted as an enforcer and regulator, spoke against both sites and shared his views on this. See the reply on the following tweet.