Instagram Web to Get its Reels feature Soon

Instagram is working on updating its web-based videos with TikTok-inspired rolls. Instagram buckets are currently available for both Android and iOS users through the main Instagram app. According to the latest reports, the feature is in development and is thus also not available to beta users.

Furthermore, the reports showed that bobbins on the Instagram site may be accessed via a new button in the top right corner with the DM, Explore and Activity button. This feature has not been started yet by Instagram.

This is a beneficial feature for users to get the buckets from the desktop. But the feature can only be used on the desktop to view the roll. This feature will obviously take time to be available to everyone.

It is also known that Instagram adds great features to its app continually. It launched a new tool to shop on Instagram lately called "drops." The companies and brands market new products with this shopping feature.