Instagram will allow you to create desktop posts soon

Instagram improves its experience on its sites. Desktop users are normally ignored, although a lot is done for those using their smartphone platforms (Android and iOS). Ironically, until now, Instagram's smartphone app has only been able to make and delete posts. Using its potential on a device, Instagram finally has a solution developed to help users to make posts on their desktop.

A Twitter tipster called Paluzzi was found to show the feature of this feature by posting a few images.

Although the feature is being tested with no company confirmatory terms, it cannot be expected to be 100% authentic. The tipster says that making posts on Instagram from your desktop is the same as creating posts from an app. Like the app, you can make posts from a desktop or a laptop screen using a desktop view button (a plus sign) at the top.

This ensures that users using Instagram on computers can't drag and drop images and videos and still have access to the editor with cropping and filter support. Like the smartphone, desktop users can quickly share images to their captions and locations and can even tag photos. In addition, it is also reported that users will disable comments as well.

Whilst we have the basic idea of this new desktop addition, Paluzzi did not date when we should expect Instagram to implement it. Wait for this while working on our desktops and laptops to enjoy this feature.