IPEMC to Make Final Decision to Reopening the Schools this Week

The NCOC has decided the reopening of schools in the Inter-Provincial Conference of Ministers for Education as the subject of the reopening of the schools (IPEMC).

At a meeting on Tuesday, participants discussed the overall pandemic situation in Pakistan and the reopening of schools.

They decided to provide board exams under strict COVID-19 SOPs in the country.

It was also agreed for the reopening of educational institutes and finalisation of the Examination Scheduled to be discussed at the IPEMC meeting before 23 May. In the first phase, the NCOC proposed the opening of the schools in classes 9, 10, 11 and 12.

Earlier, Shafqat Mahmood, Federal Education Minister, clarified on several occasions that the board exams will finally take place. The exams will be scheduled after 15 June, according to one of its latest tweets.

In another tweet, he also declared that the IPEMC decided after the middle of June to hold the exams of the board. Priority will be given to the intermediate and matriculation exams to determine their result before university admissions are opened.

Mahmood said that but after 15 June, the Exams start with the schedule set by Classes 12 and 10 and followed up by classes 11 and 9, the Boards will announce the exact dates.