Is Netflix Entering In The Gaming Industry?

In the years, as a provider of some of the best TV and films, Netflix has never wavered from its key function. Over the years though, the streaming giant has flirted softly with other locations, including playing with fascinating material.

Netflix also plans to offer a video game streaming package, as seen by foreign hosts who normally announce such news.

About the rumor that this development was not supported by anything tangible, Netflix opted to employ a new manager, who was able to lead the alleged business enterprise for the corporation. The streaming giant issued the following statement via GameSpot to bring more spice to the gossip:

Our members appreciate our content's diversity and quality. This is why we've widened our product range endlessly, from documentaries, movies, original languages, and reality television.

In addition, the statement read,

Members are even more interested in interactive stories they love, such as Bandersnatch, and You v. Wild, or Stranger Things games and The Casa de Papel and To All the Boys. We are therefore passionate about interactive entertainment.

It sounds from the very beginning that Netflix is aimed at people of the same class who use Apple Arcade, a website that allows users to play 100 games for five dollars a month. But related reports have surfaced in the past, and many will not be convinced by the above statement by Netflix.

Ultimately, though, the obvious impetus Netflix may have for his future video content may just be yet another means of advertisement. Soon we will be sufficiently aware.