Japan terms Pakistan to the next ICT powerhouse

As the country's software exports have increased six times over the past decade, the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has named Pakistan the next major superpower in the field of information and communication (ICT) technology.

The state-run JICA has said the 2018 digital Pakistan policy which offers many stimuli for the IT sector is one of the most important drivers of this trend. According to a new study shared with The News.

The ICT exports of Pakistan have grown six times in the last ten years, with development in South Asia being the highest.

The survey, based on a year-long analysis by JICA in partnership with Pakistan's embassy in Tokyo, reports that Pakistan is a prominent global Outsourcing Destination for its price stability and the involvement of many successful freelancers.

Pakistan is now a new partner for Japanese IT companies in this journal. This study presents a survey of the ICT industry in Pakistan, its achievements in IT exports, Pakistan's support network, a pool of trained, young human resources and a development environment that is equally public as well as private.

In this study we also included an "IT-skills survey 2021" that found Pakistani Infrastructure and Cloud Computing engineering engineers with a high level of knowledge about scripting, software creation, data processing and analysis.

The report also contains input on Pakistani ICT engineers already operating in Japan who see Pakistan as an unstaffed IT company sector, urging them to learn more about Pakistan and its mutual ICT capacity.

Pakistan's Ambassador to Japan Imtiaz Ahmad invited the project team in March 2020 and offered full support to it, while thanking JICA for its continuous support in Pakistan's export and construction industries.

In the past, a team of JICA experts has implemented different initiatives for the production of human resources, added value of textiles, the technological and water infrastructure and hygiene facilities in Pakistan.

The development of national incubation centres in five main towns is effectively accelerating ICT industry growth in Pakistan and joint government, industry and academia efforts. It is anticipated that such efforts will play an effective role in boosting IT exports with the recent rise in exporting Pakistani products to Japan and will help Pakistani IT engineers and skilled workers improve their job opportunities.