Lamborghini Set To Introduce Electric Vehicles

For a while now, since the launch of Tesla, electric cars have gone from becoming an idea to being a reality, the movement is now also joined by Lamborghini. A €1.5 billion (equivalent to $1.8 billion) has been launched by the sports car manufacturer, a major boost compared to traditional petrol methods.

The Italian company mentioned its first production hybrid series car in 2023, and by the end of 2024 the remaining models would be 'electrified.'

However, the firm said it would not release the battery-only variant for the second half of the current decade. By 2025, the company is seeking to halve its carbon emissions.

With the Sian supercar that can accelerate from 0 to 62mph in less than 2,8 seconds, the idea of this electrification plan has been introduced. This only shows how the Sian Lamborghini lives up to the word "Sian," which in Bolognese is called "lightning." The supercar costs over 3 million euros and only 60 have been built.

In addition, the company sold more than 7000 cars last year, but the plant was shut down in the last 70 days in 2020 because of the pandemic situation. However, Lamborghini is supposed to have much to do with the latest plans.