Lorryz Making Waves in Digital Freight Industry of Pakistan

Pakistan's transport environment is changing in terms of digitalization, as a freight engineering start-up, to improve productivity, "Lorryz" is a major transition. Why is it so important? The environmental destruction in the world is tremendous as it relates to increasing ecosystem efficiency by reducing carbon emissions at present.

While the transport industry in the country has grown by more than 18 percent since 2017 at a CAGR of more than $35 billion, according to the World Bank, inefficiencies in the Pakistani (and logistical) market, which is usually not coordinated, cost almost PKR 500 billion annually.

This is where startups in the digital carriage industry like Lorryz come here and are led by a diversified team of key logistics companies, entrepreneurs, and techies who know the local demand for intermodal logistics and ground transportation for more than 25 years, Lorryz started in Pakistan last year, following rapid progress in the USA, with a view to the digitization of the transport sector, which accounts for 3% of Pakistan's total GDP.

"Every 1.000 km driven, 1.048 kg of carbon emissions are generated, while 35% of the total miles are zero. By reducing vacant shelter miles in tune with demand and supply, Lorryz is turning green and producing a positive environmental impact. It not only saves consumers time and costs but also makes truckers more profitable. Status quo was initially the toughest challenge but ultimately gained superiority as the first mover. This inspired many other start-ups in the same room in the rest of the world to take the path of more job growth and investments in Lorryz to boost the digital start-up ecosystem."

"He also explained that before the global niche markets such as East Africa and Iraq are extended, the start-up wants to make the platform robust."

Smart operations supported by Lorryz's robust and creative digital online portal, accessible through smartphones and the internet, have helped Lorryz expand by 10 times the sales and eight times the volume in the first quarter. The Lorryz smartphone app allows truckers and freight owners to log and price instantly, with operating dashboard reports. More than 10,000 licensed trucks are supplied to more than 100 B2B customers per day, plus 70 shipments.

The corporation recognizes its achievements as a pillar of its corporate policy, with the four strategic goals. The management of the company is based on customer support, versatility, creativity, and learning. Customers who strongly regard Lorryz and ensure that the needs are fulfilled by offering value-added services are their top priority. Then, through relentless creativity and product customization, they will be able to respond to changing market requirements.

“The opportunity is vast and lies across all the supply chain networks which include manufacturing, retail, wholesale, storage, warehousing, and disposal operations, CPEC further opens the doors to endless opportunities. We are committed to being the world's largest digital logistics network and to delivering facilities through significant technological disruptions in freight areas," shares Lorryz VP Sohaib Butt. He added that "Our aim is to expand the operating market of the Lorryz company in all major industrial hubs of Pakistan in the coming years by increasing its geographical footprint."

It is a positive thing that technology contractors are now discovering ancient holes in freight and bridging creative solutions. In addition to Lorryz, there are several other participants in the same location, and it will be fun to see who is dominating the market.

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