Mark Zuckerberg is announcing new Instagram Creators revenue options

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg share new features that allow creators to be paid for their content on Instagram.

This involves a marketplace where brands match creators whose contents meet the target audience.

Many social media artists are now paying for post-sponsored content, but Instagram's aim is to help new brands find new creators, Adam Mosseri, head of the Facebook Image and Videos Sharing site, said.

Mosseri said on an Instagram Live broadcast of Mark Zuckerberg, "We should be able to help companies identify creators who are uniquely matched with the job they try to do and vice versa.

These features are provided by Facebook adapting to a new shift in the iOS environment in Apple, which would possibly make it harder for the social media giant to advertise iPhone and iPad advertisements. Facebook will provide users with more targeted advertising to display the effectiveness of these ads to marketers more efficiently by maintaining more commerce and revenue directly in its apps.

Mark Zuckerberg has also revealed that it would encourage creators to market products directly to Instagram users from their social network profiles.

In a bid to get more business directly on Facebook Products, the firm launched Facebook Shops and Instagram Shops last year. These shops permit companies to sell to users directly. Some of the biggest creators, including Kim Kardashian, also have Instagram accounts in their shops. Creator stores will allow more creators to sell via Instagram.

The Facebook managers could not describe when the features would be introduced.