Media refuses to resist the attempt at new censorship, puts up resistance

Current efforts are apparently being made to restrict the freedom of the media to guarantee that good reporting is covered. On Wednesday the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulator (Pemra) issued a statement warning news channels against reporting on cabinet decisions to prevent the dissemination of 'fake or speculative news.'

The media have, however, demonstrated their resolve to hold true to their values and to oppose efforts to censor their voices. In the context of 'advice' on how cabinet meetings ought to be published, the Association of Electronic Media Editors and News Directors (Aemend) objected to these limitations.

The E-Media Editors and News Directors Association (Aemend) invited media organizations and trade unions of journalists to oppose the recent effort to filter information and to hinder the independence of the media.

Azhar Abbas, president of the organization, said that Pemra was not a regulator, but a mechanism for censorship.

Mr. Abbas said, "Such acts are problematic in order to curtail the freedom of the press.

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