Microsoft Board opened an investigation into the prior intimate affairs of Bill Gates with employees

Before leaving Microsoft's board, Bill Gates challenged a staff relationship, says the report.

The Microsoft Corp. Board Members had to decide at the end of 2020 that Bill Gates, their co-founder, would not be able to continue on his Board, since they questioned the romantic relationship between a billionaire and an employee who was considered unsuitable, reports the Wall Street Journal. The Wall Street Journal.

The WS Journal said Sunday that the Board members were examining and hired a law firm at the end of 2019 after a Microsoft engineer alleged that she had sexual intercourse with Gates over the years. Sunday's WS Journal reported online that she did not name anyone.

Gates had already left before the board's investigation ended, the online publication reported.

An anonymous Gates spokesperson acknowledged to The WS J that there was actually an affair, but it was almost 20 years ago. The Speaker said, "It is not connected in any way to this question that he decided to transition from the Board."

Mr. Gates' decision last year to leave the board of Microsoft was to concentrate on philanthropy.

In an e-mail sent to The Associated Press late Sunday, Microsoft said, "In the latter half of 2019, it got the suspicion that Bill Gates was seeking a close relationship with an employee in 2000. A Board Committee investigated the issue for a thorough investigation, supported by an external law firm. Microsoft gave substantial assistance to the employee who raised the issue during the investigation."

Bill and Melinda Gates revealed earlier this month that they divorced, but will continue to work together at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundations after their 27 years.

Another article, published in The New York Times on Sunday, discussed how Gates "pursued" many women, nearly all associated with the Microsoft and Gates foundation, to build a "familiar reputation for dubious behavior in a workplace"

But it was Gates' relationship with girls as young as 14 — whom Gates supposedly remained attached to, even after he had been accused of sexual intercourse with Epstein — that disturbed Melinda Gates, claiming that it was putting divorce in motion.

A Gates spokesman rejects this sequence of events. "It is highly deceitful that the cause, circumstances, and timing of the divorce of Bill Gates have been so untruthful written," said Gates spokesman for the NPR.

The Times stated that Gates confronted women in some cases who served in order to create partnerships of a kind at Microsoft and at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.