Microsoft claims Edge Browser as the most efficient browser on Windows 10

Microsoft has revealed that their flagship Microsoft Edge browser is the best desktop browser in respect to Windows 10 performance. It's not really surprising because Edge receives frequent updates and add-ons that make Edge better than Google Chrome, which slows down your computer if you run more than ten tabs.

In a recent blog post, the Edge Team says:

"If Microsoft Edge releases version 91 later this week, the highest performing browser on Windows 10 will be Microsoft Edge. So, why are we going to be able to say it? It's easy: enhance startup and tabs to sleep."

When the firm adopted the Chromium engine, Microsoft began changing Edge to run the browser as much as 41 percent quicker. Furthermore, users may save a great deal of memory with the new sleeping tabs option while assuring continual productivity, and having the ability to go between vertical tabs is now much smoother.