Microsoft Office for Android Gets Dark Mode

We have been listening for quite some time to the dark theme that Microsoft Office is now going to get. Android is now in dark mode with Microsoft Office. Even if many do not like the dark mode. But some people are interested in using the applications in the dark mode. If you read white text on a black screen instead, it is easier for you to look at it.

It was one of Microsoft's most popular features that allow a Dark theme in the Android Office application. Without harsh light blasting their eyes, users can now browse and edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents.

Today's update is updated. You can tap the Home Profile icon once you have it installed, and then go to Conforms and choose between the Light and Dark theme. To balance Office's device settings, you can also select System Default.

The Microsoft Office iPhone & iPad app has now got a dark theme. It's worth noting. Similarly, Outlook has already had the dark mode for both iOS and Android.

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