Microsoft President Talks Google Hurting Open Web and More

Microsoft President Brad Smith spoke in a recent interview with Bloomberg about their new earnings in their respective brands and the way that corporations like Google sprinkle the oxygen of people's possibilities in advertising.

Brad noted that the increased use of digital technologies and software led to firms focusing on Azure, which also resulted in 50 percent strong revenue growth for the cloud provider. In addition, the technological powerhouse has greatly benefited from the personal computers and the flagship console, i.e. the Xbox. This lead to a market value of 2 trillion for Microsoft.

In addition, in relation to this development, the President of Microsoft has said: "To us, I believe, the real question every day is whether the future needs us in 2030 when it comes to our strategic strategy. What is technology going to need the future in 2030? How do we make long-term commitments that are clearly going to continue in the next nine years to achieve in this case? So we look far above this stock price and price today."

Brad has expressed questions over the 'freedom' of the open web and how open it is for people. He said that the Internet will be free to everyone today is an arena where technology companies like Google operating the Google search echoed the open web in an ads-producing platform.

In short, the number of ways for companies to make money has declined enormously as a result of this paradigm shift caused on the Internet. Brad also states that in the last quarter this move brought additional benefit for Alphabet. The following was also stated:

"What Google basically has done is to update and redesign the site, so that you have to share revenue with your tools and spend money if you want to make money from ads dependent on advertisement."

The free Platform is also just open in principle, since people who can't easily create content from Google's respective resources and pay for it just have to go to make a difference.

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