Microsoft Set To Launch The ‘Next Generation Of Windows’ Very Soon

In the mega-event of Microsoft i.e. Microsoft Build, CEO Satya Nadella said he tested last month's 'the next generation of Windows' in his build presentation, meaning that Windows customers are likely to receive major improvements in user connectivity, new shops, and more.

The CEO of the tech giant said the following in his keynote:

"We will soon be sharing one of the most important Windows upgrades in the past decade to provide developers and artists more commercial opportunities. For the last several months, I have hosted it myself, and I'm really thrilled about the upcoming Windows generation. Our pledge to you is: today we are giving each Windows developer additional opportunities to build and distribute and sell their programs and welcome any creative who is seeking the most creative, fresh, open platform. We are looking forward to more in the near future."

In addition to the user interface, it is evident that the corporation is working on a new shop app as well. The CEO mentioned this as he refers to the idea of opening up a stronger economy within Windows itself for developers and designers. Therefore, there are important modifications such as the fact that developers may even submit Windows products to the store, including browsers.

There are reports even that Microsoft can even enable third-party trade systems in applications to prevent the business from cutting applications by 15% and gaming by 12%.

Furthermore, Windows 10X, which has been developed for dual-screen devices, is included in Windows 10 as normal. New system icons and the Windows 95-era ikons will be included in this.

Overall, this Windows 10 version is expected to be worth waiting for.