Microsoft Teams Launched 24 Hours Free Video Calling Service For Your Friends and Family

Today Microsoft is launching the Microsoft team's personal edition. This video call was checked about a year ago and is provided to friends and families free of charge. This app is much like the Microsoft teams companies use, making chatting, videophone, and sharing schedules, locations, and data convenient for people.

Microsoft continues to provide free 24-hour video calls to everyone in addition to this new service. Enables up to 300 people to be "meet up" during 24-hour video calls. Eventually following a pandemic, Microsoft can impose 60-minute limits on community calls of up to 100 people.

Microsoft also enables a Together mode, a function that segments your face and shoulders with AI and puts you in a virtual space together with others. Back in December 2020, Skype already started this feature.

Microsoft has no plans to substitute Skype for its user audience with Microsoft teams. Moreover, Microsoft was "fully dedicated to Skype" last year when it posted the Microsoft teams' preview of this personal issue. The increase in Zoom's success in the consumer industry has surely been illustrated in the pandemic. Make it a tenting option for purchasing and part of Microsoft's wider attempt to stay market relevant. That said, Microsoft doesn't intend to clash with iMessage or other chat apps.

You can download the iOS, Androids, or desktop apps, or only go to Web teams, avoiding time-consuming download, if you want to use Microsoft teams for personal use.