Microsoft Teams Presents a new reading feature in order to help pandemic students

Microsoft has worked proactively during this pandemic to prevent college education and to maximize learning experiences. This extends from the provision of qualification examination vouchers to the optimization of Microsoft teams as a forum for all educational purposes.

Introduction of "reading progress" that was intended to boost students' readability, Microsoft has once again made an additional move in making online education more immersive. Reading Progress enables teachers to evaluate the fluency of their students as they read and also to ascertain their precision, mispronunciation, and more.

Although this function is most useful in primary schools, it helps teachers to calculate and quantify variables such as speed, precision, and reading speech. In a recent interview with The Verge, Mike Tholfsen, Microsoft Education Product Manager, stated that:

"With the pandemic, it becomes very difficult to read proficiently, so you cannot be next to the students. You may have teams or zoom calls, but that is not the case with the vast majority of the teachers."

It is very clear that primary education is affected negatively in Pakistan because the online surroundings are not the same as the normal physical conditions. Microsoft is now developing the Alpha-beta with over 350 teachers which will soon be free. Azure drives this feature on the back, allowing an instructor to adapt its sensitivity to measure students with discourse.