Microsoft's Internet Explorer Retired On June 2022, Some New Features Announced

You still remember a popular web browser called Internet Explorer because you lived through the technology era of the 90s. With a lot of history and apparently slow performance leading to Chrome switching, Microsoft officially removes Internet Explorer by June 2022 and moves on to Microsoft Edge.

In addition to this retirement, a certain degree of catch has been made, as Internet Explorer won't just go away, as Microsoft Edge would be using an "Internet Explorer mode." Basically, the speedy Chromium Edge browser can be used and you can switch to the Internet Explorer yesterday.

Microsoft calls this "next to today's web yesterday." The advantage of this dual-engine mode is that the new websites can be viewed using IE-mode using Chromium Edge and legacy websites (such as the 90s).

This is a win-win for businesses who access or use legacy web apps. This makes Microsoft Edge the only built-in browser for legacy Websites and Applications, based on Internet Explorer. To sum it up, users enjoy the best of the past and the future. This is consistent with Google Chrome's mobile apps.

In addition, Microsoft will add more security fixes and Edge upgrades to block malware and phishing. All in all, Internet Explorer has been quite an unforgettable experience and it will remain one of the primary browsers in the history books that paved the way for browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.