Mohammad Hafeez Opens Up on Captaincy of Babar Azam

All-rounder veteran, Mohammad Hafeez lauded Pakistan's Captain Babar Azam captain's capability as a captain. Hafeez said that because of his strong values and extraordinary play, Babar is the right choice for the Captaincy role.

Last year he was revealed to be captain of all-format and had a great beginning in his career as a captain. His first four test matches as captain won the show against South Africa and Zimbabwe, were recently won by him as Pakistani Capitan. His record ODI is also immaculate, winning four and losing one in his six matches.

Hafeez thinks that Babar is the right person to bring cricket into Pakistan, and he has shown his capability at the top level. Hafeez said that Babar always has room for improvement and he will get more knowledge.

Hafeez even abandoned the idea that once he became the captain, Babar would lose its form. Hafeez says Babar is one of the world's best batsmen and his batting fundamentals are so powerful that no condition nor pressure will prevent Babar from playing his game.

The 40-year-old also spoke in October about England's next tour of Pakistan. Hafeez appreciated the untiring efforts of PCB officials and government to return cricket to Pakistan, and he had hoped that this tour would open the doors to the country's regular international cricket.

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