NASA plans a daring six-flight helicopter with ingenuity in Mars

NASA is preparing its 6th flight on the red planet in recent news next week, the first one to be carried out during the operational phase of the Ingenuity demonstration, which will have a large number of airfield features.

This next phase consists of flight data and pictures returned to the Earth in a matter of days. In addition, the flying schedule will start with the helicopter going up 10 metres to roughly 150 metres southwest. Then, the aircraft acquires respectively interesting colour images. Ingenuity flies approximately 50 metres northeast after the image gathering and focuses on a new basis that has been called 'Field C.'

The high ground speed will also be 9 mi/h, with time to land approximately 150 seconds at an airport and air survey using images gathered from the HiRISE camera, onboard the NASA Mars Recognition Orbiter, which would indicate a new base of operations.