Neighbors call the police after spotting 'dead body' outside England home

After spotting a "dead body" in trash bags at a house in England, the neighbors called the police in a miscomprehension, because it later proved to be an old prop.

The whole episode was in Bedfordshire, England and Cara Lousie had a silly corpse packed in bin bags to organize last year's Halloween party.

When doing some gardening, She put the "corpse" outside and failed to replace it. Her neighbors believed it was a dead body and called the police up.

When the woman came back, the police found her and had to inform them about the situation.

"I came from school to see two police cars outside my house driving away. I get out of the car and I'm jokingly asking my neighbor, 'What did you do?.' Then I was informed that they were all in my house when three people called for a dead body to report," Cara said.

She said, "Ten minutes later I'm going to get a police car to explain why I did not kill anyone and I'm going to put him in a safe place."

A police spokesman for Bedfordshire later told local media that they "had evidence of a Houghton Regis bodybag."

The hilarious event viral internet happened on social networks, with one person joking, "Did they make sure that it wasn't a company? Or was this a complete crime?"