New Chicken Disease Spread in Pakistan Brings Down its Prices

In poultry farms around the country, an acute respiratory disease such as coronavirus is spreading rapidly.

Chickens experience common cold, breathing trouble, discharge of the nasal nerves, cold, facial swelling, and decreased activity. The disease is called "infectious coryza."

The sickness is comparable to Coronavirus sickness, in which the chicken has a common cold and respiratory conditions, according to the Chairman of the Consumer Association Pakistan (CAP), Kokab Iqbal.

The illness is rapidly spreading across farmed chicken and several poultry farms in the nation have been shut down following the infectious coryza outbreak, Chairman CAP said.

The retail price of chicken meat dropped significantly in the past. He recalled that 'Bird flu' and 'Ranikhet diseases' had also broken out among farms in the past.

It should be mentioned that the retail prices for poultry have resulted in high levels over the last week and up to Rs. 600 per kg of chicken was sold.