New petrol price in Pakistan to be determined on May 17

On 17 May this month, as against the usual half-month (the 15th) day, an Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) spokesperson on Saturday will be determining the new prices of petroleum products.

The Spokesperson said that the new prices were decided on Monday, 17 May, as a result of the 8-16 May curbs and holidays of Eid.

Therefore, as previously notified, oil prices will continue until 17 May.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has decided not to raise the cost of oil products, in an effort to relieve the masses in Ramadan's Holy Month, as the Ministry of Finance said on 30 April. In a statement he released.

In the first two weeks of the month, petrol also costs Rs108.56 per liter.

The notice also notified diesel price of Rs110.76 per liter to stay the same.

The Rs80 price was to remain for kerosene oil, while the Rs77.65 price for light diesel was almost the same.

At the time, Special Assistant to Prime Minister Shahbaz Gill shared OGRA's recommended prices that had been rejected by the Prime Minister.