Now you can review your voice notes before sending them in Telegram

Have you ever sent a voice message to a friend or colleague and wondered if you could hear it before it was delivered, would it have been better?

Well, the Telegram instant messaging service allows users to examine their audio messages before they are sent.

"To share your perfect pitch you may send voice messages — swipe your hands-free to record and preview your message before sending," says the app.

"Tap the 2X button or slide over the message at a double speed to jump to that spot," said Telegram.

A couple of days ago Telegram launched a new video function to allow its users to save time.

The new feature allows you to redirect videos quickly.

"You can fast forward and re-wind the videos on your media player – press Android and hold the buttons +/- 15s on both sides of the screen,' he told Twitter.

"To go on Android, double-tap. Just like that, time travel, " It added.

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