Nvidia Release RTX 3050 And 3050 Ti For Laptops

The RTX 3000 Series, which includes the RTX 3050 and the Ti 3050, is one of the largest GPUs to be launched on laptops.

These GPUs are similar to your desktop counterparts while rocking Nvidia's Deep learn Super-Sampling along with high-end AI cores which accelerate resolution and frame rates to a great extent.

The RTX 3050 has a speed of 2,048 CUDA core speed at 1,500 MHz, while the RTX 3050 has a speed of 1,485 MHz and 2.560 CUDA cores. These graphic cards are commonly associated with video storage of about 4 GB and the 128-bit memory interface. Both draw a range from 35W to 80W based on the heaviness of the graphics card.

Shortly, taking technology expertise away from users offers gaming performance 4 times and video editing outcomes 2.5 times better.

From now on the newest gaming laptops are integrated into Dell, HP, Lenovo, MSI, and Razer for an additional $799 price tag.