OGDCL Unhappy on Being Ignored for New Policy of LPG

The Oil and Gas Development Company (OGDCL) has voiced disappointment at the exclusion of the Petroleum Division from the wording of the new LPG Policy 2021.

In a statement, it said that the DG LPG launched a consultation to complete the 2021 LPG policies but did not seek its support in the deliberative procedure.

"You have thus been asked to invite OGDCL to undertake a meaningful consultation process and DG LPG Petroleum Division has been requested by the OGDCL management to take this to the consultation." It stated.

The OGDCL asked earlier for a review of the LPG policy 2020, resulting in large losses for local LPG producers at the expense of unfriendly incentives to the influential game's importers.

The Petroleum Division had then discussed a new draft policy on the LPG backdrop of the country, but without including OGDCL.

The Oil Division reacted to the words of the OGDCL and rejected the idea that under the new policy draft it would safeguard LPG importers. It said that the new policy would use different regulatory measures to preserve the consumer's interests and to resolve the decades-long issue of pricing disparity due to limited LPG production despite the huge demand.