Pak-China science and technology collaborations were 'exemplary', Dr. Atta says

In the past decade, a strong relationship between Pakistan and China has produced some stunning results, especially on the science and technological fronts. The influential national scholar Dr. Atta-ur-Rehman reaffirmed this comment during a recent interview.

"The partnerships that Pakistan and China have made over the last decade in these sectors have been outstanding but there is still great potential in the field of science and technology to extend this cooperation," Dr. Atta said, speaking to the Pakistan Associated Press (APP).

"We need to optimize our cooperation with China," said the revered Pakistani organic chemist: "China is interested to move to Pakistan new technologies related to Aerospace Engineering and Artificial Intelligence that can revolutionize the scientific and technological field of the region.

Dr. Atta-ur-Rahman said Western countries are not willing to move new technology to Pakistan, but China is very sensitive to Pakistan's needs and the Chinese want to collaborate with Pakistan.

Dr. Atta pointed out that the Pak-Austrian Applied Science and Engineering University in Haripur, Hazara, was establishing a partnership with five Chinese universities, and listed the recent projects being carried out in Pakistan with the help of China.

He stressed another initiative, which was developed in Karachi, with the help of China, was the Pakistan China Center of Excellence in Artificial Intelligence. Karachi University has also developed a center for hybrid rice and vegetable seeds.

The scientist also added that the National Center for Virology is developed in partnership with the Wuhan Institute of Virology, China within the International Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences (ICCBS).

Dr. Atta-ur-Rahman said that in Sialkot, which Prime Minister Imran Khan opened a few months ago, a new university would be built with China's funding.

With the participation of five- to six Chinese universities, this project is in progress.

Regarding Pakistan's all-weather friendship and China, Dr. Atta ur Rahman said that when Pakistan marked its 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations with China, we must recognize that in any tough period China stood by Pakistan, whether it was a Cashmir issue or any other crisis.

During the prevailing COVID-19 health crisis, which is acknowledged by all sections of society, China has extended any possible assistance to Pakistan, he said.

It should be noted that the Chinese President Xi Jinping has been awarded the Chinese "Friendship Award for China" (2014) and the Chinese President, the International Science and Technology Cooperation Award (2020).

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