Pakistan almost preventing India from buying Khewra salt cheap and reselling it as Indian

Pakistan is close to attaining people's long-term goals and continued to demand that Khewra salt is registered with foreign trading bodies to put an end to the domination of Indian salt on the global salt trade. Recent developments would reduce the promotion and sale of Pakistani rock salt by Indian merchants to Himalayan Pink salt from India.

The salt was smuggled by Indian merchants until the trade was suspended from both countries and was shipped back into the European Union, the United States, and even the far east in small and enticing packets with labels that indicate that salt was an Indian Himalayan commodity. Although the original Khewra salt was selling by Pakistan for Rs. 70 per kg, the Indian traders sold it for about Rs. 800-1000 per kg overseas.

As a rock salt registration agency created in the region, the Pakistan Minerals Development Corporation (PMDC) has completed the specifications of rock salt registration with the Geographical Indications (GI) register, which will then register the country for the international markets.

Brig M. Iqbal Malik, retired Managing Director of the PMDC, said Pakistan was naming Khewra Salt "Pink Rock Salt," and its requirements were being finalized. "Rock salt was not currently a profitable export asset, nor were Pakistan marketing rock salt as a commercial and industrial product," he said, adding, "Pakistan will be in a position to sign long-term sales contracts for buyers abroad, soon after the tagging of the GI on foreign markets."