Pakistan, China will conduct joint technology materials research

In the field of material technology, Pakistan and China join together in a series of fascinating initiatives.

It is believed that the University of Science and Technology Beijing (USTB) has offered the concept to train professional skills for CPEC infrastructure projects in the CPEC Research Institute of Materials Technology.

Academicians, professionals and USTB academics will work together to establish training programs for various materials utilized in CPEC projects, as reported in Daily Times.

In the initial phase of the initiative, instructors, students and technical staff at Pakistani institutions will be guided by exchanging instructor videos, bilateral conferences and research tutoring to enhance their professional skills.

Previously, a letter from Chinese President Xi Jinping reached 52 Pakistani students studying in USTB. Xi encouraged students to speak more with their Chinese colleagues and join forces with young people from all nations in helping promote the connection between people and build a common destiny for mankind.

This letter provoked a warm response from Pakistani students in China and created the basis for connectivity between the USTB and academic institutions in Pakistan.

In coincidence with China-1970th Pakistan's year of diplomatic ties, the USTB started a CPEC Materials Technology Research Institute to teach CPEC projects in professional skills.

The materials science of USTB has long-standing historical backgrounds, and different high-performance materials are created for BRI projects.

In addition, the USTB educates many Pakistani students who have mastered not only knowledge and skills but have also formed a bridge between Pakistan and China.