Pakistan Developed A Homemade anti-COVID Vaccine Named as ‘PakVac’

Recently, Pakistan, after various trials and assessments, has created a new homemade vaccine named 'PakVac' using China's Cansino Bio. This helps to reduce the country's reliance on the vaccine COVID-19.

The corporation initially began using the Chinese government's vaccine. The vaccine began with health insurance and eventually with senior citizens. Pakistan has now begun its vaccine process for men 30 years and over.

In addition, Prime Minister Special Assistant to Health, Dr. Faisal Sultan commended a recent tweet to the NIH Team in Pakistan on vaccine development.

The vaccine was then subjected to strict internal quality assurance tests because it was crucial. Moreover, an NHS official confirmed that the NIH will manufacture over 3 million doses of 'PakVac' each month as a result of a technology transfer agreement.

The Chinese vaccine, however, that is, CanSino will be available to citizens by the end of May.