Pakistan will get another loan from the Asian Development Bank for infrastructure

In its Country Partnership Strategy with Pakistan (2021-2025), Pakistan will get funding from the Asian Development Bank (ADB). The assistance aims to create sustainable communities and environment and catastrophe readiness to alleviate threats of climate change and their detrimental effects on agriculture and other sectors of the national economy.

The ADB will also invest in sovereign and non-sovereign schemes to improve services for water and sanitation and the facilities for urban mobility, including fast transit buses and non-motorized transport systems.

It is also shown that clever cities are being marketed using technologies, including access to digital services, digital payments, intelligent water meters, and paid parking.

The investment includes sustainable forest management, improvement of the management of water supply, and enhancement of the management of flood risk in areas including fragile coastal districts.

Pakistan's economic growth is projected to recover this year before it gains momentum in 2022 because, according to a study released by the Asian Development Bank last month, the country's market activities are gradiently returning to normal after the coronavirus pandemic.

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